About The Desert

This narrative is an attempt to stay current and is an expression of our hope of a continued and ongoing dialog with our friends and family. We left a strong community, a company of friends that constantly sharped us and brought life to us. We moved away from great minds and thinkers who challenged our perspective on life and pushed us forward in this journey.

Upon our moving, the scope of our community was narrowed drastically. It is not that we lost friends or that we are no longer a part of of these lives, only that we are away from the daily contact. With the distance comes a bit of loss. We lose the idiosyncrasies of your expressions and the unique inflections of your voices and the movements of your hands in conversation. These invaluable qualities are impossible to recreate over the flat life of the internet, the blind conversations on the phone, or the vain attempts of blogs and emails.

How rich it is so sit with a friend, break bread and share life! This endeavor, this blog, is only a venue to aid in our face-to-face reconnection so that when we are able to sit together again, we can navigate more quickly through the “what have you been up to”, the mundane chat, and towards the things that matter. So, we invite you to share with us your thoughts and perspectives, we invite you to engage with us and bring your heart and mind to this table as we learn to live life in Mexico.


6 Responses to “About The Desert”

  1. Hey Bro,
    Dig the site and the work you guys are doing.I would love to know more! Keep up the good work.
    Scott Applegate

  2. parkersmood Says:

    Mathew Scott Lindsey,

    Wow…its been a long time. I randomly searched and found this blog. I hope all is well.

    Adam Couturier

  3. Jenny Says:

    we are so emcouraged by you guys. i really enjoy your blog and reading your insightful words. we sent you guys a package to colrado…it got mailed back. rats. is there another address for packages? love you both and the work you are doing. jenny

  4. Hi there Matt and Misty,

    I really did enjoy meeting you at the El Paso Convention Center. When I got home I read a lot of your blog. You both are inspiring to me. Check out desertexposure.com. there is a gigantic article on our work this month.
    I want us to stay in touch. Janet

  5. Janet,

    So great to meet you as well. We would like to plan a time for us to visit Palomas and to learn more about what you all are doing.

    Great article, by the way! Palomas is indeed a specail and important place in the borderland.

  6. A beautifully poetic blog…if you ever decide to visit Monterrey, give me a shout.

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