Moving to the desert, to Ciudad Juarez, has messed us up in quite an unexpected way. It crushed our lifelong developed world views and theologies like a tank rolling over a tin can. This past year and a half has been about laying a foundation by renewing our minds and getting to know God on a profound level. Our relationship with God will definitely never be the same.

Sharing life with the poor, being a friend and a neighbor to the outcast destitute has branded us, broken our comfortable attitudes and woken us up to the stark reality of the daily struggle of life for a majority of the world that lives every day in poverty. It has been wildly sharpening.

We hope to share in your thoughts and process and would love your perspective and comments. We invite you to check out our new site and join us on this crazy journey…

The Desert


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  1. Just heard you guys made it back sown to mexico. congrats and God bless your journey. We would like to help youall out down there, but not sure how?Let me know what your needs are at this time>

  2. Yolivani GArrido Says:

    I made this video about random 14 minutes of my lunch break in Guadalajara, Mexico. Feel free to use it, may be it’ll make it look that we aren’t that diferent 🙂

  3. Yolivani GArrido Says:

    I forgot the link hehe

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