Irony in the Desert

Dear Child of God, if we are truly to understand that God loves all of us, we must recognize that He loves our enemies, too. God does not share our hatred, no matter what the offense we have endured.

Desmund Tutu

Irony in the Desert

Still not sure how Chris sniped this photo; comes with his tactical training, I suppose. Anyhow, this is one of my favorite shots of the summer. It is a sad manifestation of the dilemma in Ciudad Juarez: Guns vs. Peace. A city crying out for hope, submerged, but rising up from beneath a heavy layer of bullets, blood and boots.


4 Responses to “Irony in the Desert”

  1. Chris is part Ninja…

    Great shot!

  2. I think you just found the title of the book you should be writing of your experiences in Juarez: “Bullets, Blood and Boots”.

    Glad to have you here in the states again. I breathe a little easier knowing that there are not men outside your bodega watching for you to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Misty must feel imprisoned, maybe she needs a burka to complete the look.

    Can’t wait to see you bro.

  3. Kiery Says:

    Misty and Matt, your names were mentioned in Sunday School class this past Sunday. Jim White was teaching and used you guys down there in Juaez as an example. He said that the safest place you can be is in the center of God’s will. The peace billboard surrounded by armed soldiers is a picture of that truth. Jesus, the author of peace, is the safest place in any kind of storm swirling around us. Even if he is asleep in the boat, he has you safely under his protection. Be wise in where you go and what you do and listen for the Holy Spirit’s voice to tell you if you need to change directions, etc.

  4. Donavan Says:

    sweet photo!

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