Hope for the Poor: Vital Vitamins

Anyone who sets himself up as “religious” by talking a good game is self-deceived. This kind of religion is hot air and only hot air. Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this: Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world.

James 1:26-27

This past weekend we had a short but amazing visit from a kindred spirit who even before arriving had a passion for our neighbors here in Juarez, Mexico. Chris Knott, who spent time and effort raising awareness for Amigos back in Colorado by asking for healthcare donations or anything that would be helpful, came down for a powerful weekend and brought with him 19,804 vitamin tablets, 166 toothbrushes and 70 tubes of toothpaste. He also had a Santa-bag full of toys to give out to the kids.

Table of Vitamins zoom

After sorting and compiling the table-full of healthcare items, we headed out Saturday early morning to the neighbors’ homes to hand out health. We were hugged and kissed, and bombarded by neighbors from all directions who heard that someone had vitamins. It was a powerful morning.


Carmen & MagiWe gave instructions on how to give the kids their chewable vitamins, and about not eating the toothpaste.

MaryThis is going to make all the difference for these kids, who certainly don’t get the vitamins from the basic meals they eat, when their parents can even afford them.

VitaminsVitamins are a luxury which, with the exception of us, no one in this neighborhood can afford. It was heartbreakingly beautiful to see our sweet neighbor, Elvira, clap and nearly leap with joy as her face lit up when we told her we had vitamins just for her. Without teeth, she has not been able to eat properly and has been sapped of energy. This will be a tremendous and necessary sustenance for Elvira today, and so many children to whom protein and regular meals are a sparse hope.


10 Responses to “Hope for the Poor: Vital Vitamins”

  1. Oh! I’m full of tears of joy over this!! How awesome! Chris, you ROCK!!

  2. Kiery (Misty's mom) Says:

    Oh, that so excites me! We need to pass the word around on ideas how everyone can help the needy in some way. Many want to help, they just need to know the practical ways in which they can help. We just need to brainstorm. On our mission trips to Mexico we take all kinds of things –like toothbrushes & toothpaste–but I never thought of vitamins. Thanks for the suggestion. Items like shampoo, soap, pencils, pens, notebook paper, (and other school items) are some of the things we took. We collect even small bottles of shampoo, soap, etc. from hotel visits and toys from kids meals at fast food places. Yes, we need a brainstorming session. I’m starting collecting for my next mission trip already. Any ideas would be appreciated:)

    May God reward all who have contributed to your mission there in even any seemingly small way, and may they realize how important they are in God’s work.

    I love you guys!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work.!!!!!!


  3. Keep up the good work…really praying for you guys amidst a lot of very bad news. Came across this article that says Juarez is the world’s most violent city. In fact, that makes it the PERFECT place for the Kingdom of Heaven’s warriors.


  4. Greg,

    Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. These are wild times and I often find myself wondering why God chose us, at this time in history, to be here. But what an incredible time to be alive and fighting for the justice and love of God to rise up above the ‘news of the day’! Although it has been super difficult, we are proud to be here. Thanks for thinking of us here.

    Thanks for the link…

  5. Matt my heart absolutely BREAKS for those 18 men murdered in the Casa de Regeneración…at the Bible School where I teach we have 7 students who are from Rehab Centers. These guys, though understandably rough around the edges, are so on fire and man they just go for it in worship. It is my honor and privilege to teach them, hone them, disciple them. So I am deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence against the 18 (EIGHTEEN for the love of God!) men who were trying (I can only assume this b/c they were in Rehab) to clean up their lives. May God forgive those upon whose hands lie all this blood. Our God is a warrior mighty in battle and He will one day set all things aright…

  6. Greg,

    You might be interested in reading this article about the shootings. It is a great article that was posted yesterday on El Paso’s Online newspaper. The Newspaper Tree.

    Thanks again for your comments!

  7. Thanks for the article link, Matt.
    Chris, thanks for going “beyond intention”!

  8. Chris Knott Says:

    This message is specifically in response to Kiery’s note but for anyone else led to inquire…from my last visit to Juarez with the multi-vitamins, God spoke of what I believe to be the next steps in our assignment as supporters of Palo Chino. If you are spearheading raising support efforts for Palo Chino and want to discuss this in detail, please contact me directly at knotter42@hotmail.com. I am so excited about what God is dreaming and having us be a part of. Be encouraged by the wave of faith God is bringing forth…truly the oasis in the desert. Dios Le Bendiga.

  9. Kiery (Misty's mom) Says:

    Chris, your excitement is contagious. Keep spreading it around. Misty just e-mailed me of a need for about 50 notebooks for the children of the ladies who work in the Cocina. They had depended on getting them, just as in years before. Since even the poor have to pay for schooling for the children, uniforms, and food, they just can’t afford the school supplies they need. My heart broke for the ladies who had to find out the notebooks didn’t come this year for their children. That is such a seemingly small need to most of us, but such a huge need for them, when they can’t even feed their children properly. God will make a way. Yes, Chris. I am “encouraged by the wave of faith God is bringing forth…truly the oasis in the desert”. I e-mailed you and I look forward to your reply. I just can’t wait to see all that God is going to do through ordinary people who share His heart for the poor. So all you ordinary people, let’s get on board and work together. Surely God has something for each of us to do as unto Him.

  10. Chris Knott Says:

    O.K. so I will just lay it out there. I believe God is calling for the Casa Palo Chino to be done within one year. So the funds will hopefully be raised within three months. I believe the reason this needs to happen is so the community of Palo Chino have their own oasis. A place of gathering where they feel safe, can eat, sleep, rest, worship, learn, and have community. But this is not meant just to be another hand out. They need ownership. And not just for the people of Palo Chino, but of the greater Juarez. This is why I feel God is calling us to raise up 199 families (my family is number one to make 200) who are willing to write a check for 300$. No more, no less. This will be 60,000$ of the 80,000$ needed. The remainder 20,000$ is to be raised by the Vino Nuevo church who will be invited in and see what is happening then take ownership which will be a facilitator to unite the greater Juarez community. Perhaps the model can then be furthered into other neighborhoods. Matt and Misty are already raising up leaders to take over once everything is set. Then they along with us will have the freedom to move into Tarahumara territory and then with their passion through all of latin america. I also believe the reason for 200 families to raise only 300$ each is so that the typical model of 20% doing 80% of the work is reversed. If a person wants to give more, then they can sponsor another family (or as many as they wish) within their church body and write them a 300$ check. No more, no less. Then that family can decide if they need the money or if they want to turn around and write a check to Amigos. God wants to bless our communities as well through a collective generosity as well as seeing very specific prayers answered that will spur us on to only pray bigger and greater things for God to show up in. This, I believe is how the snowball of revival begins. Placing ourselves in positions where God has to show up and we get to experience Him and feel His love. When this grows, who knows what we will begin to ask for. Perhaps we will all finally begin to experience even “greater things” than what Jesus performed.

    On another note, I am trying to work out a “win-win” model for how we can get ongoing monthly supplies of multi-vitamins to Juarez. Please pray for this as if it works, I can share the process how others in other parts of the country can replicate this model. Then if it works for multi-vitamins, we will try to do it with pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for the Sierra Madre. Please pray for financial and time freedom for myself in order to really go after this. The train is coming…it is time to jump on or watch it go by.

    Dios Le Bendiga–to the warriors of the Living God.

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