Greening the Ghetto: Street Art

I have made it my business to use the green economy as a social and economic solution to poverty. I want to Green the Ghetto.

Majora Carter

Back in February we began writing about Greening the Ghetto here in our own neighborhood in Juarez. Sure, it is a daunting prospect, but we are continuing to dream and work towards seeing it come to fruition. We have a small sputtering garden that is slowly taking root, and now, our first mural. “The first of many” as Jorge Hernandez, our good friend from Palo Chino says. He is an art student here in Juarez and he has been working on several graffiti themes for our neighborhood.

Stencil Prep

Stencil 1

Stencil 2

Stencil 3

Stencil 5

Stencil 6

Stencil 7

We have been working on themes that speak against the violence and draw attention to hope, love and peace. Jorge’s first mural is a stencil piece, a small girl cradling a bomb as if it were a teddy bear. It is a bold, straightforward statement that screams, “No more violence!”

Andale, jorge! Arriba Juaritos!


3 Responses to “Greening the Ghetto: Street Art”

  1. Oh! I have chills! It is amazing! It speaks volumes! I am so excited about how ‘green’ you guys are going.

    AWESOME job, Jorge! We can’t wait for more!!

  2. Kiery (Misty's mom) Says:

    It is good to see the “Colors of Hope” shining in Palo Chino. It is amazing how some added color can bring hope and joy in a neighborhood that has only known the depression that dreary looking cinder blocks must bring after a while. And then to add the message of hope through the carefully chosen themes –well —–“a picture speaks a thousand words”?

    Keep at it with that garden. Though small and sparse, it can refresh the soul. I speak from experience. —-After living in New York City, New York for way too long, my heart leaped with excitement as I saw one lonely dandelion which had forced it’s way up through the cracks in a sidewalk. Yes, keep the garden growing. It may even invite a butterfly or a bird to visit.

    Keep us informed how the neighborhood responds to all the new colors.

    God has painted many colors in his rainbow. May they all soon shine in Palo Chino.


  3. Tell George that we are proud of him and look forward to seeing him. Hopefully in the Spring!

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