Lament por El Toro

El Toro

Lament por El Toro
Poem by Michael E. Lindsey

The coyotes howl – their plaintive cry
echoes through the midnight sky.

We sit around the campfire light
and wonder of El Toro’s plight

of a life on the streets of this mean town
that’s ruined many a man and struck scores down.

Alas… would the settlers who built Juarez city
now feel any shame… or even pity
for even this one who fell last night
let alone hundreds more who’ve died in the fight?

…and who will cry for this poor soul
whose life was so hard – not part – but the whole?

Will women come to see his final ground
and think of times in dance when he spun them round?

Will Mama cry and beat her breast,
“Why couldn’t this, my son, be different from the rest?”

We will miss his call as he used to pass by;
we’ll sit… and wonder… and yes, we will cry!

Good bye my friend Arturo, The Bull –
may you find rest for your weary soul.

Rest in peace, hermano.


4 Responses to “Lament por El Toro”

  1. Wow! I remember you wrote about him awhile ago. Did he pass away? (Sorry to be blunt)

  2. Beautiful, dad.

  3. Brian,

    Yes, El Toro died. Alcohol got the best of him.. Thanks for your thoughts…

  4. Kiery Says:

    My heart sank when I first read “Lament por El Turro”. I hoped against hope that he was still alive. I wanted to meet him some day. However, now I see that amidst the warring city around him he had his own devastating war inside. I don’t know what else to say. It is just such a sobering thought. How many more are suffering in Palo Chino from a war without and a war within. God help us reach them so they can experience peace and freedom.

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