New Desert War

It was hot. Tensions were boiling under the strain of the desert sun. Everyone was gripped, toes dug into the baking sand.

New Weapons

The bombs whistled, cutting through the shimmering heat waves like melted butter.The Attack They could not out run them. Bombs colliding with flesh, fear on every face.Incoming!


Running from the bombs

When the dust settled, laughter was rippling over the water soaked soil and could be heard across Colonia Palo Chino, everyone happy and refreshed!

The Victim


3 Responses to “New Desert War”

  1. Oh how we wish we could be there. Matt, you would surely suffer the brunt of my water-balloon accuracy and be astounded by my dodging skills.

  2. Oh, fantastic pictures!! I love this post! So refreshing, literally!

  3. What a fantastic post!!

    I feel like I’m there… And in a sense I am!

    Big Love,


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