Yobel Market

Yobel: hebrew word for “jubilee”, which means freedom, release from captivity, cancellation of debts, the turning of tables, stabilization and restoration of the land, redemption for the poor, and celebration.

Yobel Market

It is about time that we post about our amazing friends from Yobel Market! If anyone is post-worthy, these folks certainly are. They came down last week and spent a few  days with us working on our building project and our garden initiative, lifting our spirits with their beautiful and powerful perspective on life. Yobel is committed to justice, hope and spreading love over the globe. They have a deep commitment to change our world, making our sleepy cultures aware and shining the light of love over so many disenfranchised souls and communities.


Their commitment is so rooted that they have given their lives to this endeavor. Their website is dedicated to offering fair-trade products from communities that they work with personally; their hearts beat for justice, dignity, empowerment, Jubilee.  We are honored to have them partner with us here in Mexico. Take some time to visit their site, it is the perfect place to buy the most unique fair-trade goods, and to invest your money in empowering rather than pillaging a poor people.

Here are some shots from our time with these dear friends.

Hope for Palo Chino


Hands of Hope

Love in the air



4 Responses to “Yobel Market”

  1. Oh, sweet pictures! Glad you guys had a good time with the Yobel gang!

    Love you guys more than the SUPER SWEET Tarahumaran baskets that I love so dearly!! And, I mean DEARLY!

  2. thank you for another inspiring post. I’ve read about Sarah and Donavan before via MODsquad. I’m glad you had a great visit and planted!!!

  3. Jodi,

    Thanks for your encouragement. Looking forward to reading more from your great blog! Maybe we can meet up in Honduras some day!


  4. aaronandjenah Says:

    Matt and Misty, great pics! the seeds are growing! Exciting.

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