12 Hours Later…

Now that you’ve grown up
You can finally learn to be a child
We made it to the end of the world
But we’ll never make it out alive

Ben Harper

Sunday afternoon we had uninvited guests. Another Mexican Military check on our house and the property of Amigos. 20 soldiers went through every house on the block looking for cash, drugs and guns, the life-blood of our world.

Random people passing out on our roof, soldiers rummaging through my underwear drawer, what’s next?

But, here in Colonia Palo Chino, Ciudad Juarez, life goes on…

LIfe goes on


Life goes on 2


8 Responses to “12 Hours Later…”

  1. Wow that is crazy! Stay strong my friend.

  2. isaac Says:

    Nothing like happy Mexican kids to lift your spirits, right?

  3. I keep thinking that your going to shoot your groundbreaking film in Colonia Palo Chino… Thanks for your support, Scaglia!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Thank you so much for your blog and sharing your corner of the world. I just finished reading your last post shadows in teh desert. You’re a powerful, clear writer. I look forward to reading back to the beginning of your posts and future ones. Here’s to a relatively peaceful weekend.

  6. Jodi,

    We are stoked that you stopped by! Thank you for the weekend wishes and the kind words. We pray that the sun shine warmly on your face. We will surely stop by your corner of the world!

    Mucho Amor,

  7. So far we haven’t had the army come in and search our house, but they’ve occupied our town several times and conducted patrols. We have an Army chopper that makes regular patrols over our Zeta-controlled town as well – all in all 21st Century Mexico’s a pretty surreal place to live.

  8. Way better story than the briefcase!

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