The Desert Flux

Living on the border of the U.S. and Mexico is like living in a constant state of flux. Leaving Mexico requires a Mexican military checkpoint, then usually after an incredibly long wait, a U.S. checkpoint. Driving into Mexico these days means that you will first be checked by the U.S. Border Patrol, then Mexican Fed/Border Patrol, then the Mexican military. After that, you might be stopped at any number of random checkpoints throughout the city. Last Sunday we were headed to go climbing at Hueco Tanks, just across the border in TX, and we were stopped 5 minutes after leaving our house in Juarez. The military had set up a huge checkpoint on a main road and were stopping every single vehicle. What are they looking for? Drugs? Guns? Large amounts of cash? Food? I don’t exactly know.

We are very proud to stand and live within this quivering city with our Mexican brothers and sisters, and we are very proud of people like Bruce Berman of the Border-Blog. Bruce’s latest post and photo speak incredibly well to the loathsome changes in the borderland. It is easy to presume our own conclusions as outsiders, but we strongly recommend that you stop by Bruce’s Blog and read his latest post. It is powerful, important, to-the-point and garnished with yet another riveting photo of our beloved Borderland.



4 Responses to “The Desert Flux”

  1. Headed there now…

  2. jenahjohnson Says:

    “The color goes. The made-by-hand-ness goes. The alegria becomes a murmur. Then the steel comes. The edges get stiffer. The heartbeat becomes more faint.”

    What better way to take control of a city than to steal it’s color.. Mute the spirit, reduce the people to shades of gray.
    We’ll continue praying for deep colors, and for an ocean fog breath of Life over the city.

    “You have caused flowers to grow in my fields
    And you have brought new and bright colours to my head
    You have caused a cool wind to blow underneath my window sill
    And I rest here underneath your hand.” -Waterdeep

  3. Guys, Your perspective is indispensable!

  4. Jenah,

    Your words are insightful and impelling. Thank you for your poetic prayers, your fresh perspective. We cherish your heart and spirit.


    Right back at you, bro.

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