Pure Poetry…

We are proud to post this poem that my niece wrote this past week. We believe that this poem is an important contribution to our world. A world that is in desperate need of hope and love. 

Thanks to Luxe for sharing her talent, art and perspective on life. Thanks to the Mod Squad for developing such an incredible Blog. 

Visit the ModSquad for a deep dose of fresh life, art and captivating creativity. 

My Luxe Poem


I know your love is gonna be swell
I love you
I love you so much
I swell up my hands for your love

Your lovey
Your lovey Luxe


5 Responses to “Pure Poetry…”

  1. Ah, thanks guys! Man, we miss you seriously, way more than chips and guac! And, I mean, WAY MORE!

  2. Dear Uncle Matt & Auntie Misty,

    Thank you! I miss you!

    Love, Luxe

  3. Matt & Misty, that was so nice of you to post Luxe poem. So Blessed to have Luxe & Roxy in our lifes. love & miss you both! love mom

  4. Can’t wait for Luxe’s new book coming out soon, called “It’s better than OK, it’s SWELL”

  5. absolutely beautiful! let’s talk soon.

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