War on Drugs?

We came across this super interesting video on El Paso’s online newspaper. It is a commentary about the so-called “War on Drugs” from a veteran reporter who has been working the streets of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. The video is 63 seconds long and worth your time.



10 Responses to “War on Drugs?”

  1. Very enlightening!

  2. Cool! Thanks for bringing this video to my attention.

    This is off-topic, but I want to alert you to a little award that awaits you over at my place.

  3. Yeah!! You two definitely deserve an award!! Those were very sweet words she wrote about you guys!!

    Love you more than PURE Mexican Vanilla!

  4. Dallas,

    Stoked to have you down here! Thanks for being on our team. You are priceless.


    What?! Thanks. I just do not know what to say. Ha… Just laughing and smiling….


    Gracias. And, PURE Mexican Vanilla is difficult to find is Juarez, so we feel super loved!

  5. I am proud that you are constantly learning more about your community and about the reality that it faces with the expectation of hope and power. Thank you for your dedication.
    P.S. I bought God’s Middle Finger, I’ll let you know what i think.

  6. Interesting take on the “war” – “that will only be won when one cartel wipes out the other one and takes over” – I guess the police will NOT be a factor in winning the drug war. My heart goes out to all of the genuinely dedicated police officers in Juarez. I have realized that in order for there to be any semblance of society and community in Juarez that there must be many more dedicated police officers than corrupted ones. I can only imagine the “political” pressure that is being placed upon the newly hired police recruits as they enter the force.

    Thanks Hito and Hita for keeping all of us up here in a “normal” country and city informed.


  7. Donavan,

    We are stoked that we get to work with you and Yobel Market in a few weeks! You inspire us with your commitment to spreading love to this world; we are learning so much from you!


    You are right. And I think that when the people being pushed down truly push back, when they have a reason to push back, things will change. Politicians, police officers, city officials, etc, will never be able to stand on their own. There must be a wave of hope and power sent from the people that will rise up and support those lonely individuals.

  8. jikarner Says:

    Isamu Noguchi was once commissioned to do relief sculpture in Mexico City. While he was working this vejo who had been keeping him company told him that he liked Einstein too (Noguchi used ‘E=mc2 in his work), but that he had a different interpretation of it: Estado=(Muchos Cabrones)2.

  9. […] in April we posted a short video from The Newspaper Tree about the “War on Drugs”, the failed approach to a seemingly endless war. Our friend Billie posted an incredible article […]

  10. […] in April we posted a short video from The Newspaper Tree about the “War on Drugs”, the failed approach to a seemingly endless war. Our friend Billie posted an incredible article […]

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