Tacoma takes a hit in Juarez

If Chad had not yelled, my truck would not be alive and people might have been hurt. We stopped just short of being in a big mess. 
Sad Isis

The driver of the Chrysler, his wife, infant baby, and two others fled the scene on foot within a minute of the wreck leaving the keys in the ignition. The car was registered in Texas, and apparently stolen; they had more to lose by sticking around than by leaving their car to the dogs. The dusty old Chrysler had run a stop sign and plowed into the front end of Isis (my Tacoma) miraculously missing the wheel and the front-end assembly by inches. 
Dusty Old Chrysler
Thankfully, Juan came to our rescue, helped us sort out the insurance rigamarole and dealt with the cop, who had helped himself to the left behind cigarettes and apple he had found in the grungy glovebox of the lonely Chrysler. Besides the cigs and the apple, the family left behind two jackets and a baby bottle, but there was zero information on who they were.
Cops and Others
We all feel bad for them and have been praying for them as they have no wheels. At first, the driver tried to convince me that he could pay me on the spot for the damages to my truck but when I insisted that we call the police, he ran. 
If we had just eaten one more gordita downtown, or one less,  if I had turned on the street before,  if I had stopped to tie my shoe, we would have crossed the border that evening without a hitch. But all of those what-ifs give me a headache, so I just say, “Thanks, Father. You are good.” Misty, Chad, Mary, and I rolled into Hueco Tanks Saturday evening a bit rattled and tired but laughing that we had crashed the Tacoma in front of Norma’s Club (Queen’s Palace) a transvestite-brothel in Juarez. Oh, Mexico….

7 Responses to “Tacoma takes a hit in Juarez”

  1. Wow! Way to be on the spot reporter. You have all angles of the incident, very well reported….next time I expect some video footage especially some from the air. Har har…..glad to hear you are alright

  2. Love the big, black perro roaming in front of Norma’s! So fitting! Love the H.O.G. pics too… killer! Love you more than pink striped transvestite brothels!

  3. Actually, the above comment is from Lisa. I hope to God Luxe has no clue what a transvestite brothel is!! Please, dear God!!!!

  4. So, glad everyone was ok. is it drivable, now? I had an accident like that but it did hit the tire and broke the half-shaft, sending it into the engine and totaled the car.
    We are thanking God with you that it didn’t hit further down the truck.
    Indi says to tell you that she probably would have thought it was fun to be in the truck with you. Commotion is one of her favorite things.

  5. aaronandjenah Says:

    I was working one night at The Mona, when a bus full of transvestites pulled up to the bar across the street (which, I must say isn’t nearly as lovely as Norma’s) and unloaded. I think the whole scene was conspired by the same guy who created the bumper sticker that says “Keep Manitou Weird.”

  6. John M. Says:

    Nice of you guys to pick up Chad from work @ Norma’s. Hope he made a little extra dough on the trip – at least enough to buy cervesas for you after the accident. Glad everyone is okay.

  7. great story! glad to hear you guys are ok. maybe were the fugitives we’re looking for in denver (haha)…

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