Snapshots from Our Neighborhood

POVERTY by Pablo Neruda
Ah you don’t want to, you’re scared of poverty, 

Pallet House

you don’t want to go to the market with worn-out shoes and come back with the same old dress.


My love, we are not fond as the rich would like us to be, of misery. 

Razor-wire 2

We shall extract it like an evil tooth that up to now has bitten the heart of man.

Falling Pallet house

But I don’t want you to fear it. 

GraffitiIf through my fault it comes to your dwelling, if poverty drives away your golden shoes, 
Danny's in Morning light

let it not drive away your laughter which is my life’s bread.

HombreIf you can’t pay the rent go off to work with a proud step, and remember, my love, 

Yonke 2

that I am watching you and together we are the greatest wealth that was ever gathered upon the earth.

Evening in the street


16 Responses to “Snapshots from Our Neighborhood”

  1. LOVE that poem! I SUPER love these photos!! Amazing job!! They are all fantastic shots!

  2. After seeing these pictures it makes me sick that we worry so much about “making it” here in Colorado.

    Very sobering.

  3. You are so talented! I’m unfailingly impressed with this blog.

  4. isaac Says:

    you guys are amazing. i can’t wait to work with you (it WILL happen). i just started a blog.

  5. parkersmood Says:

    Great pictures. They frame the poem well!

  6. what amazing photos and poem to go along…thanks for giving us a snapshot of your lives.

  7. Thank you everyone for you encouraging comments. Sometimes we wonder if it is worth the time to maintain this blog, but your words truly spur us on and bless us.


  8. John M. Says:

    I hope you’ll keep it up . . . for us and for you. You obviously are trying to make sense of the conflict you feel . . . hopefully it is cathartic to a degree – but I bet this record will be invaluable to you in the future. I think you will be so proud of the people you are today when you look back at age 70 or so. Hell, I may even still like you two. 😉 Much love . . . lack of comments do not indicate lack of interest – many are playing “the home game”!

    Thanks for giving!

  9. Anita Clapham Says:

    Two of my fav peeps!! I finally got the hang of this blog thing haha! Amazing photos!!! Wow its hard to grasp what is really happening and these pics help us see but I am sure it’s only a taste of what it is really like. Love you guys my thoughts and prayers are with you and your team.

  10. WOW! Is that cool? I think it is! Do you? Well, I better go! Bye! Love, Luxe

  11. Yeah, we think it’s pretty rad too. What a day we had, Luxe! We sure miss your sweet face! Can’t wait for hugs and kisses the next time we see you!

    Keep praying for us, we know God is listening to you!

  12. Anita,

    Thanks for stopping by. Having you as a part of our life and team is invaluable. Thank you for your encouragement and belief!

  13. John,

    You are awesome. When are you coming down to check this place out? Did I mention that Hueco Tanks is just so close by?
    We truly appreciate your comment and encouragement. You bring us a lot of life… mush love.

  14. A nice accompaniment of photos to a beautiful poem of Pablo Neruda’s. Gracias.

  15. John,

    Thanks for the encouragement. We are enjoying exploring your site! It is an honor to have you stop by.

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