Reflections of a New Year

Cazry jbumle of tugohts and emtonios. Forgive my sloppy smearing of them all over your computer as I attempt an investigation of what is truly going on in my heart and mind.

The past month and a half has been overstuffed with people, activities, work, travel, great food, rainbows of emotion, responsibility, illness, relationships, introductions, and on and on. It seems I had attempted to shove so much in that God was nearly forced out through the seams… when He gently reminded me through my broken exhaustion of tears that it is not His intention that I scoop up all of the excitingly shiny things I find before me and pile them all up on my shoulders, certain that I can balance just one more on the top before my arms give way. He so tenderly lifted my chin and showed me that my place is at his side, grabbing his hand and looking excitedly into His strong, brave eyes as we walk along. He assured me that he will warn me of any eminent bone-chilling nights, or coyotes that may come prowling as I sleep, and that he will point out the way the sun sparkles on the sleepy water at sunset, the deep purple shell the likes of which I’d never seen, and the family of dolphins breeching just offshore. He comforted me that I will be protected because he will always be right there with me through it all. And he promised that I will not miss out on something wonderful, because that is precisely what he is wanting to show me. Thanks Papa, I needed that!

It was a beautiful/sad day that we returned to our cold little cinderblock home here in Ciudad Juarez. Sad: leaving family and friends, heart-connections, familiarity, independence, celebration, leaving our cheerleaders on the sidelines and walking out into the game, ready to get dirty, to be beat up, to run harder than I thought I could, to score some touchdowns, to miss some catches, to fall on my face and get back up again in this exhilarating game we get to play, fight, throw all of our heart, guts and strength into! Beautiful: coming home, engaging in what brings life to our hearts, learning again to live in a foreign land, getting to dream with God, being greeted by smiles hugs and kisses of sweet faces we are just beginning to know, learning the hard lesson of loving our neighbor, being on the side of the poor and destitute. Praise God for the beautiful, the way He intended us to live life, to focus on what truly brings life, hope, joy, love, peace, justice, change and empowerment. And so we are running headlong into this exhilarating game we don’t quite know how to play, standing before our foe and staring into his hate-raged eyes as sweat and blood drip from his lips. The play is being called, the whistle blown, and our hearts pound to the deafening roar of the crowd, our friends and our family, cheering us on.


One Response to “Reflections of a New Year”

  1. WOW! Misty…What beautiful words!! I had to read it twice! I love your poetic, real, and passionate heart! How lucky I am to call you my sister!

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